University of Michigan, MSI

I’m currently studying UX design and research in the MSI program at the University of Michigan, and will be graduating in May 2021. My study focuses on user research methodologies, discovering unmet user needs and designing products to solve their problem for users. I also work on (front-end) development and data analysis projects that are related to user experience.

Product Design:   3+ years

Before I joined MSI, I worked as a product designer for 2 years. Most of my experience is in a startup called Codementor (they’re now rebranded as, where I learned the full lifecycle of product development, collaborating with stakeholders, and solving problems for business while advocating for users. In summer 2020, I did my product design intern at a startup team called Chime. Currently I’m working as an assistant product designer for UM library, working on an online book collection product.


I love programming. During my past 2 years at UMSI, I learned programming languages for front-end development and data analysis. For data analysis, I am familiar with Python, and data-analysis-related libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, etc. For front-end-development, I am fluent in html, CSS, and JavaScript / jQuery. I also know how to build apps with React Native + Expo. Last but not least, I have some experience using A-frame, Unity and C# to build XR applications.

Graphic Design

Prior to my product design career, I was a graphic designer, specializing in visual identity, print design, and infographic. My personal work explored visual expressions that could tell compelling stories, and my professional work helped my client to produce a unique identity and tell their story.

👀 I’m looking for a full time product design position and interesting project opportunities. 👀 >>>> <<<<